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David Oshman’s career, rich in varied experiences, reflects his deep commitment to understanding and treating addiction. His unique approach to therapy, shaped by his own personal challenges, led him to champion the rights of neurodivergent communities and adopt a holistic method in addiction treatment. His work has been recognized for its empathy and effectiveness, transcending traditional therapy boundaries to embrace a more inclusive and understanding approach

Revolutionary Treatment Methods

David Oshman’s methodology moves beyond conventional treatments, focusing on the individual’s entire system rather than just the symptoms. Learn about his holistic approach in treating addiction.

Humanity in Us All

A career should not only be about professional successes but also about committing to helping people on a deeper level. Learn how to incorporate self-compassion and understanding of the human condition into traditional therapy.

Eastern Wisdom, Western Therapy

Being a Buddhist Monk can strengthen a person’s connection with themselves spiritually and psychologically. Learn how Eastern spiritual practices provided profound insights into the human mind and the nature of addiction.


"Love thy enemy - what people see as an internal threat, they need to embrace it, not as something alien."

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“True Meditation is to go and look at oneself, to be aware of who the self is, how it’s operating, and why it’s operating”

David Oshman

David Oshman in the Media


David Oshman is recognized in the media for his shift from a traditional therapist to an innovative author and holistic therapy advocate. His time as a Buddhist monk in Thailand greatly influenced his approach, leading to new methods in addiction treatment. Oshman’s focus on personal, compassionate care, especially for neurodivergent individuals, has reshaped addiction therapy. 

Also, he’s known for integrating Eastern meditation with Western techniques, advocating for a deeper understanding of addiction and promoting a more empathetic, personalized treatment approach. His work aims to change how society views addiction and mental health.

David Oshman is also a published author with his books “Love without Lies” and “Avoiding Capture” being wonderful sources for advice in long term relationships, learn more about them below.

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